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Valla Beach Ukulele Camp. Watch out for this fabulous event in August 2022 .

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The Valla Beach Ukulele Camp and Beach Party is hosted by The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach assisted by local ukulele groups. It’s for adult ukulele players of all levels wishing to develop their skills, including an 'absolute beginner' stream. Workshops for both melody-pickers and strummers are offered, as well as performance opportunities for developing players, and a fabulous evening concert by skilled artists.

The 2022 Camp focuses on developing your ukulele skills in workshops, learning together through playing in ensembles, and making new friends in a laid-back beach party atmosphere. It also showcases talented local groups, accomplished camp tutors and dazzling special guest artists in concerts that will thrill and delight.


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